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Most Android developers would agree, that building a settings screen, even with the Jetpack Preference API, is quite painful. You have to create the xml file, the activity and the settings fragment where the preferences are getting rendered. Especially realizing dynamic preferces for certain purposes is a small challenge and the resulting code is everything, but not clean. This article describes a simplification for this, using the SimpleSettings library. …

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The Adobe Software Suite has several software representatives, which make use of color swatch palettes. Those palettes can be customized and amongst other things also can be imported and exported. For this purpose, Adobe offers three different file formats to store color swatch palettes: ACO (Adobe Color), ASE (Adobe Swatch Exchange) and ACT (Adobe Color Table). This article will have focus on ACO and ASE, which are the most commonly used formats.

I recently built an Android library for importing / exporting ACO / ASE files for Android applications (more about this later on). …

Marc Auberer

Student of Computer Science, working at SAP. Passionate software developer and OpenSource enthusiast.

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